How to Spend Sunday Morning in Bed

How to Spend Sunday Morning in Bed

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Everyone deserves a Sunday morning (or day) in bed. Here’s our key ingredients to enjoying a listless day between the sheets.

Nature’s Touch

In true Snow White style, fling those windows open and enjoy the breeze.

Feed your appetite

Breakfast in bed, one of the world’s best indulgences. Whether its last night’s left overs, a packet of biscuits, toast or even a cheese board, allow yourself to be excessively moorish.

Back to Basics

Skip out on the temptations of texting, or any technology for that matter. The only time you should set your eyes on anything digital is when you’re choosing a good Spotify playlist or throwing on an audio book.

Plan your day

Then achieve none of it when you realize nothing beats swimming in clean cotton sheets.


Stare at the 5th wall in the room, the ceiling. Get lost in subtle patterns and allow your mind to comb through blissful moments, private fantasies and maybe linger into more passionate affairs with SKY.

Pants Party

We’re referring to the British colloquialism. You should wiggle out of your PJ bottoms and strip down to your skivvies. Your uniform for the day is an oversized shirt & panties. Socks optional.

Bring a friend

Whether that be in furry form or a lover. A big bed can be lonely, two is better than one. (It's also always good to have someone around to kick out of bed & fetch you things.)

And stay in bed

Only leave your horizontal state for a fresh cup of tea, the bathroom or the fire alarm.