The New Relationship Timeline - A Study By Ave

The New Relationship Timeline - A Study By Ave

Ever wondered 'whats the right time is to take them to bed?' Or to even when to pop the questions. Our latest survey polled and picked the brains of 2000 Americans to gather a better understanding of modern day intimacy.

We uncovered that in the average relationship people waited 5 days until they had sex, 8 weeks until broaching the boyfriend /  girlfriend label, 3 months and 24 days before couples felt comfortable with wearing 'unattractive' underwear in front of their partner, 4 months before they fine with shaving in front of their significant other and 23 months before marriage came to mind.


Of the seven percent of respondents who admitted to having a criminal record, it would take a little over two months of dating before they felt comfortable revealing their record to a new partner – though more than a quarter of them claim they would disclose their record before or on the first date.

And while that may be best for them, respondents say that if they were dating someone with a criminal record, they think it would be appropriate to bring it up just after one month of dating. 



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