We are proud to announce that Ave has been named a finalist nominee for the adult industry’s awards event of the year, the 2017 XBIZ Awards. Having been nominated for three awards, ‘Luxury Toy / Line of the Year’, ‘Innovative Sex Toy of the Year - Design’ and ‘International Pleasure Products Company of the Year’, we are thrilled to be recognised for excellence in these fields.

The XBIZ Awards honors the very best in the business of pleasure. A star-studded affair that attracts the industry elite, the XBIZ Awards show is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017. Celebrating outstanding achievements across every facet of the industry, including movie production, pleasure products, technology and retail. Nominees for the Awards were selected based on nearly 8,000 pre-nominations submitted by members of the industry.


In both categories for Luxury Toy / Line of the Year’, ‘Innovative Sex Toy of the Year - Design, our first ever collection was not only made to please the senses, but is unlike any other for its playful characteristic. Bringing opulence and imagination together, designer Frédéric Gooris helped shape the SKY collection, fusing storytelling into every aspect. 

Building on the idea of seventh heaven, SKY encompasses heady sensations. In crisp white and midnight blue, the toys are complimented with metal swirls embedded into the design, the ridges of each cloud purposefully placed to allow for more thrills.

When creating AVE, not only did we want to create a new industry standard, we wanted to design toys that truly embody luxury, not something to be hidden in bed side tables.


To take home the trophy for ’International Pleasure Products Company of the Year’ would be the highest esteem, as our team continues to evolve and understand more about the facets of intimacy, we see the importance of being sex positive; breaking through taboos and sharing a universe of satisfaction. 

Working with renowned photographers and videographers worldwide, we put an emphasis on imagery to enhance our story and showcase our toys in a luxury narrative. Always collaborating with the best in the industry to strive towards perfection.

Staying true to our Scandinavian roots, we place importance on the design and quality of our brand and products. Keeping everything simple, whilst always exceeding expectations, in the end it’s the little details that matter. With our brand having caught much attention online and in stores, we couldn’t be happier with the global reaction! 

We look forward to the new year, not only for the final results, but to show you all what what’s coming next…


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