Why is SKY the perfect gift?

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Embark upon a lover’s retreat, into the depths of fantasy, a world edging above the clouds. Whilst 99 roses are a touch of decadence and an assortment of chocolates allow indulgence, a real sense of intimacy remains in the bedroom.

This Valentine's Day, allow simple pleasures to take hold. For the playful dreamer with insatiable desires, give the gift of sensations atop rounded curves. Forget lavish dinners and instead lavish in a night amidst plush sheets, unwind with toe curling delight away from all of the world.

7 different vibrations to earnestly tease and caress, SKY inspires a little love and a little mischief. There is no better time to surrender to swirls and explore the realms of seventh heaven together than this romantic holiday.

Happy Valentine's! 



A touch of SKY coming to a store near you soon!