Unveiling the SKY family at EROFAME 2015

Unveiling the SKY family at EROFAME 2015

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We've returned from Erofame and we couldn't have been any more excited to introduce the world to our now complete SKY family. Following in the footsteps of Alto and Cirrus, the now iconic “cloud” vibrators, SKY’s family has expanded to include a multitude of new toys, all which exude the signature SKY ethereal mood and design. 

Our four new comers offer a new range of vibrations that cater to a different sphere of sensations and one of said products sits between the lines of play and physical health.  Also created by internationally renowned designer Frédéric Gooris, his latest additions to SKY perpetuate the core idea of the brand; merging story with product to provide a completely new experience in the industry – one that fosters luxury bedroom play alongside aesthetic simplicity.

This year was as fulfilling as the last, with plenty of you dropping by our booth and showering us with positive words. We're excited to see that our industry has such high praise for a brand approaching pleasure from an entirely different angle.

In tune with our SKY launch we will be unveiling our updated website in the very new future, with its new design will come a string of content surrounding all things titillating and the beauty of love design. Check back soon.

In the meantime, if you are a distributor / retailer and would like to supply our products, please reach us at Ave@AveConcept.com