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“The playful design of SKY tells a light-hearted erotic tale of weightless thoughts with no destination, like the drifting clouds touched by thin light, gradually surrendering to ever intensifying swirls until ultimately being lost in ecstasy...welcome into Seventh Heaven” - Frederic Gooris

Reaching seventh heaven is only a click away, with seven different vibration patterns tailored to elevate your senses. Each mode is designed to remain discreet with an ultra quiet technology, which means you can run away with your desires anywhere you like, including the bathtub.

The silkiest of touches for late night indulgence. Enter an entirely new sphere of sensation with SKY’s external stimulator, made to tickle and tease you to the brink of heaven. Its rounded form is shaped to pave the way to cloud nine. For playful nights under the cover, a midnight blue to inspire mischief.

Inspired by the idea of reaching Seventh Heaven. A touch of heaven and a lick of the clouds to drive heady desires home. Made for indulgence, the softest kiss from SKY transports you to a whole new sphere. Elevate your sense with SKY.

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