AVE introduces a world above the SKY.
Where clouds elevate senses and indulgence takes hold.
Made for pleasure

With cushioned curves and a touch of milky silicone, our SKY series is designed to create undulating sensations.

Its groundbreaking design is your guide to reaching the highest plane of pleasure; a state of pure elation.

Curves That Lift you Higher

With soft ridges, SKY allows multi touch point pleasure. With bumps that tease and caress all the right spots, you’ll drift away at a moments touch.


Reaching seventh heaven is only a click away, with seven different vibration patterns tailored to elevate your senses, leaving you spoilt for choice. Each mode designed to remain discreet, which means you can run away with your desires anywhere you like, even in the tub.


Encased with silicone, SKY is not only body-safe, but provides the smoothest of touches. Paired with SKY’s rolling curves, its silk like feel will have you drifting on cloud 9.


Sky is designed to tantalize wherever you please. It’s travel friendly, which means you can run away with your desires anywhere you like, including the bathtub.

“The playful design of sky tells a light-hearted erotic tale of weightless thoughts with no destination, like the drifting clouds touched by thin light, gradually surrendering to ever intensifying swirls until ultimately being lost in ecstasy... welcome into seventh heaven.”
Product Designer
Originally from Brussels, Frédéric Gooris is an industrial designer who has lived and worked all over the world. He started his career in Paris and Milan working for design gurus Philippe Starck and Stefano Giovannoni. Today he heads Studio Gooris, fusing innovation and storytelling into emotional products. He works with global brands ranging from Alessi, Seiko and Bombol to JCpenny and Levis.

Conscious of conserving energy, we've chosen to use a specially designed USB cable meaning no adapters and less electrical waste. You can now charge your SKY products with ease and a clear conscience.


Anytime, anywhere. You should never wait for indulgence. Day or night, SKY’s subtle design brings limitless eroticism.